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Traditionally, homeowners insurance policies do not coverage flood insurance claims. That is changing now. Below are some available options for Florida homeowners. As an independent insurance agent, we provide many options when it comes to purchasing a flood insurance policy in Florida.

The National Flood Insurance Program

The National Flood Insurance Program is one of the options we provide to Florida homeowners for their flood insurance coverage. These policies can be a viable option in Florida and may offer the best premiums for a particular address. We can run quotes through the National Flood Insurance Program and we usually start here as a basis to see what FEMA is charging for a flood insurance policy in your area.

The Private Flood Insurance Market

There are also many carriers offering flood insurance policies in Florida now. From Lloyds of London to Zurich Insurance, many private insurance companies are now offering flood insurance policies now. Certain Florida homeowners insurance companies have also added an option to include coverage for flood insurance in your homeowners insurance policy, as an add-on. Not everyone qualifies for this add-on option as eligibility is based on the severity of the flood zone you are located in. We can tell you if there is an option for you to add flood insurance to your homeowners policy.

How we approach the Flood Insurance Purchase for Florida Homeowners

We normally start by running your property address through the National Flood Insurance Program to see what the premium looks like with them. Then we will shop the other private markets to see how their flood insurance premiums compare to the National program.